The woman behind the curtain…

I’m a 55 y.o. Flexitarian. My ultimate goal is to be a true Vegan; it’s not easy.  At home I’m committed to vegan meals, but when dining out, I am more broadly a vegetarian.  Occassionally, (a few times a year) I’ll indulge in something like bagels & lox, white tuna sushi, or a reuben… get it out of my system and then get back onto what I believe is the best path: Veganism!

I share this because I want people to eat less meat and animal products, but know how difficult it is.  At least, make mindful choices about where your products come from…

My blog is designed to catalog Vegan recipes I’ve made and loved. There isn’t much chatty narrative to wade through. Just a quick synopsis, the recipe and a photo or two, because I don’t want to have to scroll forever to find the information. If I started with a recipe from another blog, I’ll link to it. I’ll include the specifics of what I used to adapt the recipe, because so often links grow weary and stop working.

So to borrow from Garrison Keillor: Be well, do good work… and eat more vegetables & fruit!


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  1. this is AWESOME! I am thrilled to be able to say that you have helped me become more aware of what I eat.

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