Back in the kitchen…

If you’re looking to enjoy more meat-free meals, but really, really love meat, you need to know about Soy Curls.  Butler’s Soy Curls are a dehydrated soy product that can mimic beef or chicken in your dishes.  This week I used them to make Mongolian “Beef” and it turned out amazing.  Because I’m doing both a gluten free and plant-based diet, I replaced the seitan from the original recipe with beef-seasoned soy curls.


The recipe for Soy Steak Strips is from The Gentle Chef (applause!). Notes:  1) Gravy Master darkens the strips to make them look beef-ier, but I may leave it out next time. 2) I had no mushroom powder (who does?),  so I processed a few dried shitakes in the Vitamix.  3) I used the Air Fryer vs pan frying. 4) This recipe makes a lot. I used  half for for the Mongolian Beef and half for another meal.   Once you have your Soy Steak Strips, you can proceed to the next recipe.

ConnoisseuruVeg’s Vegan Mongolian Beef  tastes as delicious as the photos. The recipe comes together fast once your Soy Steak Strips are ready to go.  I substituted a pinch of crushed red pepper in place of the whole dried chilies. Throw it over noodles or rice.





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