‘Tis the season…

IMG_1140IMG_1141I bought morel mushrooms at the Dane County Farmers’ Market this weekend.  These  brainy-looking ‘shrooms are worth the expense, so if you don’t have a personal source, splurge– they’re worth it.  The season is ephemeral and nothing compares to the taste of fresh morels.

Sauté in olive oil with freshly sliced garlic until lightly browned.  Toss with pasta (I used capellini) or mound them over creamy, yellow polenta.   I ate quite a few straight from the pan.  For my taste, simplicity in preparation is the key.  There are oodles of recipes involving morels online if you are feeling fancy.

The photo on the bottom was the 2011 harvest from my yard in NY . Aren’t they lovely?  Life is short and needs to be enjoyed…  morels are on my list of necessary luxuries.



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