Beet Burgers…

I’ve been craving bbq fare.  It’s grilling season , and the aroma of steaks wafting over the fence is almost more than I can bear.  My grilled portobellos have been amazing, but I need variety.  This evening I tried a veggie burger made from beets (click on link to open recipe).  Essentially, it is a combination of grated beets, brown rice, carmelized onions, nuts and seasonings.  With the food processor they are a snap to assemble, shape easily into patties and fried up in about 12 minutes.  They’re insanely good. Put them on a toasted ciabatta roll with your favorite fixings, and you’ll choose beet over beef next time.    As condiments, I spread some Vegeniase, dijon mustard, and horseradish, but dress it any way you like!  PS, there are tons of delicious-looking recipes on the same blog titled Veggies on the Counter


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