Merci beaucoup

I was up at 5:31 on Thanksgiving morning.   I wanted to knock off my word count as I round third base in my NaNoWriMo novel, but I was also awake because I enjoy those early, silent hours.  It’s a time to be alone with the world.  It’s a moment of uncompromised truth before we enter a shared space.  It’s a good time to write.

Right now it is 5:30 PM, on “Black Friday” and I’m having a glass of wine with some chips and salsa.  I finished my novel word quota early this morning, but still feel like writing.  Maybe there is no bad time to write.

I’m thinking a lot about the concept of gratitude this week, and how easy it is to overlook the meaningful and beautiful moments that pass through each day.  Some things we want, we will never have-  and that’s important in creating a balance, so that what we do have becomes special.  If we can have everything, then nothing is special.

So, I’m thankful for what I don’t have, what I’ve never had, and never will have.  Amen.


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